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Online Advertising Services

FreeAgent Media can help you advertise your business and grow with proven and tracked Digital Advertising solutions.

Social Media Management

We manage your social media for you. FreeAgent Media offers Social Media Management for your business in today’s top networks including Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) FreeAgent Media manages advertisements to get your business to the top of today’s most popular Search Engines including Google and Bing.

Online Banner Advertising

Showcase your business in the form of digital banner ads that show on today’s most popular websites and apps. Target by location, demographic or cast a wide net for a lot of impressions.

Preroll Video Ads

Play videos in stream on mobile or desktop devices while people are watching videos. It’s like a TV commercial but highliy targeted and delivered to a customer that fits your business.

We also offer:

Graphic & Web Design

We design with marketing in mind. Websites and digital assets are designed to convert. The goal is to get potential customers to click and become actual customers and that’s where we excel.

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Why Digital?

Digital Ads Reach Local Potential Customers Where They Browse
Highly Targeted Advertising to Maximize Ad Spend

Digital Advertising reaches millions of websites all over the internet to get your ads in front of local customers wherever they already browse.

You can target people based on traditional demographics including age, location and income. Additionally, we can laser focus on specific audiences including owners of specific vehicles, visitors of certain websites or re-advertise to people who visit your own website.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to audience segmentation and strategy. Our Digital Ad Specialists here at FreeAgent Media are well versed in digital advertising and can help your business grow.

  • Digital Ads reach over 90% of the Internet. Put your business in front of customers.

  • ~92% of Americans use Search Engines. We place ads in highly relevant search results.

  • ~81% of Americans use Social Media. We manage your social media presence for you.

  • ~78% of Internet Users watch Videos online. Play your own video ad while they watch.

The freeagent media team

Get to know us a little better.


Daoud graduated top of his Marketing class from CSUSB. He works w/ businesses of every size from “Mom & Pop” shops to large corporations with Multi-Million dollar marketing budgets.


Digital Ad Specialist
Andy is a Social Media whiz. He has years of experience with Daoud in Advertising and Marketing. Andy is a huge sports fan and especially loves basketball.


Digital Ad Specialist
Moe loves Digital Advertising. He has learned alongside Daoud and has a huge drive to help businesses. He is truly an asset to have on your team.